Photo Custom Diamond Painting

Personalised Photo Custom Diamond Painting(Choose the right size)

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Diamond Painting Description:

1. Personalize this diamond painting by clicking" Customized now". Then upload your photo and add it to the chart. We will make any pictures including People, Animal, Landscape, and Flower. The larger the size, the better the visual effect. If the image is complex, small size will not be very good!

2. Customize your diamond painting from this moment. It is the best decoration for the living room and office. Making your home looks more beautiful. Workmanship, simple and generous, Also can fully show a personal style.

3. Warning: This is Diy Full Round/Square Drill Diamond painting, not a finished picture, you need to finish it by yourself. As for the lighting effects, the objects may be a little different from the pictures. Custom Full Drill Diamond Painting is not included in the frame. It is just a rolled canvas. Please frame it with glasses or wood and hang it in your home as decoration adornments.

4. Each of our diamond art has been carefully designed and calculated, but due to manual operation, there is inevitably a tiny probability of missing stones or other problems, if you encounter such problems, please contact us and we will re-ship for free.

5. Function: Diamond painting is a new hot hobby for younger and older, you can get release pressure and gain successful sense by making a diamond painting, and then framing it to decorate your home. It's also a good activity for kids and parents together.

Custom Diamond Painting Size:

Canvas size: Refers to the overall size of the canvas, usually expressed in width and height, such as "35cm x 45cm".

Picture size: Refers to the size of the drawn pattern, excluding the blank portion at the edge of the canvas, usually expressed in width and height, such as "30cm x 40cm".

The size of our custom diamond painting is subject to the Picture size, that is, you will get a bigger painting for the custom diamond painting.


Diamond Paintings Include:

- Painting canvas with adhesive

- Drills plus spares

- Wax pad

- Drill pen for individual drills

- Drill tray