What is diamond painting and how does it work?

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, 5D diamond painting, diamond embroidery is a diamond painting designers combine exquisite shiny artificial crystal round diamond (or square diamond) and well-designed patterns, whether you are novice or experienced master, just need to extract the point drill tool To the diamond glued to the corresponding symbol on the canvas, so that the completion of a drill paste, and then slowly fill the corresponding area of each symbol, a few minutes can be officially started, diamond painting operation is simple, easy to start, make a pair of 30x40cm diamond painting It takes about 2 hours, DIY diamond painting is the best choice for making handmade at home.

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How To Do 5D Diamond Painting?

1.According to the list on the canvas to find the same diamond number.

diamond painting drills

2.Use the diamond sticky pen with mud.

diamond painting glue mud

3.Use the pen to absorb the diamond.

5d diamond painting

4.Align the corresponding symbols on the canvas.

diamond painting pen

5.Can also be pasted with tweezers.

Can also be pasted with tweezers

6.The other side of the pen is also used to do this, it can paste 3 diamonds of the same color each time.

paste 3 diamonds pen

7.Do not remove the entire protective film at one time, and how much of the paste that open.

Do not remove the entire protective film at one time

8.After finishing the parts, press hard with the books or use diamond painting roller tool to make the drill body and adhesive adhere more firmly.

use book to press the drill

DIY Diamond Painting Notes:

1.The diamond particles are very small, please don’t put it to the place where the children easy to touch it, to avoid being swallowed by them.

2.Children under 6 years old must do it under the supervision of adults.

3.Please don’t tear the entire protective film during operation, to prevent the gray layer from falling to prevent the gray layer from falling into the affected viscosity.

4.Do not fold the canvas and keep it tiling.

5.When finished, in the absence of framed, Please tiling the painting or roll up the diamond painting and have the diamond facing out to save.


What are the uses of diamond paintings?

  1. It can help the elderly to spend time. Give them the 5D diamond painting and pass their leisure time.
  2. Cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience. Let 5D diamond painting improve their knowledge and aesthetics of color, cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience, and make them love the world more.
  1. You can give it to your friends. You can give your friends what you've done to express your feelings, or give your friends products to experience happiness and a sense of accomplishment.
  2. You can decorate your home. You can hang the framed finished product in the living room, study, bedroom to add artistic flavor, and put a diamond painting made by yourself at home, it will never get tired of!


Diamond Painting is a semi-finished product that requires your own hands-on operation can work with your family and friends to experience the endless fun in the manufacturing process. It can develop children’s hands-on ability and patience, and improve their understanding of color and aesthetics.

Diamond painting has a high practicality: it is the best choice for high-end places, such as villas, restaurants, hotel decoration, etc. It is ideal for your collection; it is also the perfect gift to send a friend.