How To Choose A Best Diamond Painting Drill Pen?

What is a diamond painting pen tool?

The drill pen is one of the most important tools for making diamond paintings, and it is also a necessary tool. You can't make diamond paintings without a diamond pen. It has a wide variety of shapes and the same shape as a pen. Due to the popularity of 5D diamond painting Kits, there are many styles of diamond painting pens. Among them, the lipstick diamond painting pen is the most popular point drill pen tool. The material is generally made of plastic, Very easy to use.

How to use the diamond painting pen tool?

The use of the diamond painting pen is very simple, and it is very easy to use for beginners.

First of all, we have to prepare a piece of special glue for a diamond painting, a diamond painting, and a drill pen. You can choose different pens according to your own needs. Beginners are more suitable for single pens, while skilled veterans can use 3 piece, 6 piece or 9 pieces diamonds heads diamond painting pens, no matter what the tip is, you can use it more and more skillfully,

Secondly, Tear off the film on the cement,drilling to gently press the glue to paste the glue onto the diamond pen.

Finally, use the drill pen to dip the diamond particles on the diamond painting canvas and repeat this action until all the diamond paintings are completed. You will enjoy the process of making each diamond painting very much. When people are under various stressful states, Try to make a diamond painting, this is a very stress-relieving handmade DIY work.

Where can I buy cheap diamond painting tool pens?

The most easy-to-use point drill pen is the lipstick diamond pen, which can be bought directly on the website. The price is quite cheap. There are 3 colors (purple, pink, light green) made of plastic material, light and convenient, easy to carry, It is a product that will never become obsolete.