How to find a special Christmas gift?


Merry Christmas


Christmas is a festive family reunion holiday, usually decorate the Christmas tree to increase the festive atmosphere. Christmas trees are generally made of evergreen trees such as fir and cypress, which symbolizes the longevity of life. The tree is decorated with various lights, colored flowers, toys, stars, and various Christmas gifts. On Christmas Eve, people sang and danced around the Christmas tree, having fun. On this beautiful day, people will exchange Christmas gifts with each other. Most Christmas gifts with heart will be prepared a month ago. Customized exclusive Christmas diamond paintings can be found here.

The Christmas decorations include a Christmas tree with various Christmas decorations and Christmas lights. The indoors are decorated with garlands and evergreen plants. The special holly and mistletoe are traditional materials. Outdoors are traditionally decorated with lights, including sleighs, snowmen and other Christmas figures decorated with lights.

Santa Claus is based on St. Nicholas, the bishop who lived in the city of Mira (in present-day Turkey) in the fourth century AD. He has done a lot of charity work in his life, and most likes to help the poor in secret. Santa Claus is his nickname afterwards. This name comes from the story of him secretly giving money to help three girls. Nicholas was honored as a saint after his death. The image of Santa Claus is an old man wearing a red robe, a red cap and a white beard. Every Christmas he drives from the north in a sleigh pulled by a deer, enters the homes through the chimney, and hangs Christmas gifts in socks on the children's bedside or in front of the stove.

During Christmas under the epidemic, we will cherish family and friends even more. We can also make handmade Christmas gifts with family and friends, make beautiful Christmas wishes together, and cherish the days together. As time goes by, maybe Our memory of someone or something will become blurred, but we can save the beautiful album in the form of diamond paintings, frame it with a photo frame, and hang it on the wall to keep all the good times.