What Tools Do You Need To Make A Full Diamond Painting?

To make a complete diamond painting, we need to use a variety of tools, the most important of which are drill pens, glue clay, plastic plate, etc. Of course, these basic tools are included in each pair of diamonds Among the paintings, for example, each diamond painting we bought in the diamond painting specialty store ADiamondPainting.com contains:

  1. Use a sealed bag to pack the diamond,
  2. oil painting canvas,
  3. A drill pen,
  4. Two-Piece of glue,
  5. A small green plastic plate,
  6. Waterproof and shockproof OPP packaging bag.

 5d diamond painting kit

When we open the diamond painting after receiving the package, the first step is to organize the diamonds, find the corresponding diamond number according to the number on the canvas, put it in the box where the diamond is stored, and prepare a black pen to mark the number.

There are also many types of storage boxes. The key is to find a storage toolbox that suits us. The most common are square and round boxes. Transparent boxes are the most popular. If you like colored ones like me, you can also choose this type.

Diamond Painting Boxes Storage


If you happen to be a nail fashionista, these boxes can also be used to hold your nail accessories. It can also be used to hold some earrings, jewelry, etc. My friend told me she found the secret.

Nail Jewelry Box

After installing the diamonds, we start to make diamond paintings. The production process is as follows:


After making a complete diamond painting, we need to use a plastic roller to press the diamond to make the whole painting fit better.

  Diamond Painting Roller Tool

The last step is to cut off the excess canvas next to it, put it in a frame, and hang it on the wall in the living room and bedroom. It can be used to decorate your home.

 Wooden Photo Frame